DON'T GET SCAMMED! Discover The 4 Most Important Things You Must Know Before Ever Purchasing a Fishing Rod

DON'T GET SCAMMED! Discover The 4 Most Important Things You Must Know Before Ever Purchasing a Fishing Rod


Ever wonder how to choose the best fishing rod that'll do what you want, without breaking the bank? It's almost like walking onto a car lot, everyone has "just what you're looking for", right?

I'm here to tell ya... DON'T GET SCAMMED!

Sometimes all you need a basic pole that'll make it though the weekend because you only go fishing once a year. Yet, when you go into the fishing store, they'll have you damn near walking out with a boat as well as the tackle box, and 11 the gadgets and gizmos.

That’s why I wanted to prepare you…better yet…equip you with the all the information you need so you know just how to choose the the best fishing rod for you.

Choosing the right kind of rod for your preferred type of fishing can be a daunting task. But, the good news is that you’ll find exactly how to simplify this and actually make it fun. Generally, the initial step is to decide on what type of fishing you want to embark on.

There are 4 major factors to consider when knowing how to choose the best fishing rod for what you want to accomplish.


#1. Choose a Length For Your Fishing Rod

Picking the right length is one of the most important parts when knowing how to chose the best fishing rod. A fishing rod's length is measured down the end of the butt starting from the tip. The lengths of these rods range from 4ft to 14ft. For easier movement, larger rods are designed to be detached into their different pieces. Choose a rod based on the species of fish you're targeting and the type of body of water you will be fishing in.

What you should know is that shorter rods are best suited for shorter distance cast and work with lightweight lures. Another plus is that you will achieve better manipulation with shorter rods when struggling with a fish.

So, it can be very helpful when embarking on big game fishing.

On the other hand, longer rods are best suited for farther distance casting. As a result, they work best for surfcasting - fishing from the shoreline directly as opposed to boat or pier. Also, you can use longer fishing rods for fly fishing. In addition, they work well with heavier lures or baits.

#2. Choose a Weight For Your Fishing Rod

The weight that a rod can carry depends on the weight of the rod itself, which also determines the sturdiness of the rod. You'll use a particular strength rod, it all depends on the type of bait you're going for.

The rod's weight is determined based on the bait it is constructed to cast. It's also determined by the 'pound test', which is simply the fishing line weight intended for it. So, if you want to know how to choose the best fishing rod for you, then the weight will play a BIG role.

#3. Learn How the Action of the Rod Works

For a fishing rod, its action refers to the bending point on the rod. The measurement of a rod's action can be 'heavy' or 'ultra light'. If a rod features a heavy action, it simply implies that it bends very close to the tip. On the other hand, a lighter action simply means it bends very close to the rod's butt.

Which indicates that by learning how the rod works, maybe even going into your local sports store and whippin' one around. you'll know better how to choose the best fishing rod for your next trip.

#4. Choose a Material For Your Fishing Rod

The different materials for a fishing rod are fiberglass, graphite, or the two materials combined together. The functionality as well as the type of fishing would determine what material used in designing a rod.

Rods made with graphite are stiffer and lighter in texture. On the other hand, fiberglass rods tend to be heavier but offer increased flexibility compared to graphite rods – the latter is more expensive anyway.

Depending on how you play, and how you grab each club will depend on what you’re looking for. Some folks with back problems with have a graphite shaft because of how it’s easier on the back when swinging to your full capability.

Finally, in order to choose the right kind of fishing rod, you also need to consider the reel. (write blog about the perfect “reel” and backlink here)

By now I hope you’ve been able to see exactly what to stay away from and how to choose the best fishing rod for you.

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